Lose Fat with SmartLipo Liposuction

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Smartlipo is the latest technology in the cosmetic surgery world by the MetroMDs in Los Angeles, California. It is a procedure for getting rid of excess fat from the body in a safer and an easier way. The technology works by using laser to melt the fats and make it easier to remove by suctioning it out. The doctors use a local anesthetic rather than the conventional anesthetic used in other procedures. It involves injecting epinephrine, lidocaine and saline solution into the fatty sections of the body that requires to be trimmed. The tumescent fluid is used to numb the sensory nerves of the region to be treated as well as minimize bleeding. In essence, the process is highly technical as it uses in-console SmartSense and ThermaGuide delivery systems. The holistic lipolysis therapy unit enables MetroMD experts to track motion sensing feedback and real-time temperature feedback which enhance efficiency and safety of the process.

The clinic has had success in other medical procedures related to corrective surgery such as stem cell, hormone replacement, and regenerative medicines. The developed Smartlipo is MetroMD’s latest groundbreaking treatment and it is the only clinic offering the specialized treatment in the US. The method is superior to other procedures that exist in the market because of three primary benefits. These are that Smartlipo has controlled intrusion, less traumatizing, and heals faster. Secondly, Smartlipo is an automated procedure and thirdly, it produces uniform results throughout the treated area. The clinic also offers this service in all its affiliate offices in California based in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Orange County. Thus, the service is made available to a larger population of the residents in the city and its environs.



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