MartinLift – The Lunchtime Facelift


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If you’re not ready for a full-on facelift or just unable to deal with it all, there
is a procedure you called the MartinLift.

For the past decade and a half, we have worked to perfect the placement
of “smart thread” in strategic areas of the face to lift target areas.
The most common are is the cheeks. There, the fat pad that we started
with has moved south by the time we reach forty and we need to lift it back
up and get rid of the sag and the jowls.

The procedure is done under local anesthesia with an accompanying
injection of Demerol for pain control. Areas on the face are mapped out and
lightly marked. After the skin is cleansed, local anesthetic is placed along
the lines where the smart threads will go.

The threads are carried into the targeted areas with a needle and once the
needle is removed tiny barbs open up on the edges of the smart threads to
lock them in place. If you think about a staple with two barbs, you can
imagine how well a hundred barbs holds.

After the procedure, we have very little swelling. There is little or no post-op
pain and no drainage tubes as with common facelifts.

The ideal patient for the procedure is a person who is fit and within 5-10
pounds of his ideal weight.

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