MetroMD Offers Fat Transfer With Minimal Liposuction in Los Angeles

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Transfer of fat to the face using modern techniques has the longest lasting effects on restoring facial volume. Fat from other body parts such as limbs or abdomen is transferred to another area such as the face, buttocks, breasts, and hands. These body parts where fat is being removed will not have to undergo liposuction since only small amounts of fat are required for facial restoration. The transfer is commonly referred to as fat grafting. This is a minimal form of liposuction because the amount of fat that will removed is little as compared to general methods of liposuction’s used. Cosmetic eyelid strategy is one of the procedures that can make your facial rejuvenation even more pronounced.

Fat grafting includes injection of fat droplets acquired from other body parts into the area that has fat depletion. Adding droplets of fat to the face and not larger amounts ensures blood supply is more in these regions compared to what would have been the case with more copious amounts of fat. The ultimate aim of fat grafting is to recover the youthful appearance the face once had. Your face will be rejuvenated, and more balanced after the fat transfer procedure and less fat in other parts of the body may do you some good too.

Facial fat grafting makes the skin lighter and more radiant making you look younger than before. The reason fat transfer is becoming more popular is that there are no incisions made that have the risk of being permanent. Skin texture becomes smoother while your skin tone becomes more even. Getting the right surgeon is crucial. Excessive fat will lead to you regaining your teenage baby face that was round as opposed to the right surgeon who will help you have that triangular face that is so widely coveted. It also improves your general appearance especially when fat is removed from the waist and transferred to the buttocks, hands and breasts. Patients will also respond differently to different amounts of fat, so it is not a one size fits all package but a highly customized one.

At MetroMD, we have experienced doctors who can perform the procedure on you with minimum risks. Contact us today and start the journey to a younger looking and more confident you.

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