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At MetroMD we work directly with Stone Natural Medicine to offer a line of exclusive natural products that can help enhance your quality of life and health. We like to take a holistic approach that emphasizes the need to look at the whole person when creating a treatment plan. Not only focus on physical and nutritional aspects, but environmental, social, emotional, and lifestyle as well. Working with Stone Natural Medicine has allowed us to offer their products directly in our office! Stone Natural medicine has many different products that can help with a variety of ailments. Visit their website for more information at Stone Natural Medicine MetroMD is dedicated to our patient’s long-term health and we know treatments and consults are not enough. That’s why we implement diet and lifestyle changes into our patient’s routines to help encompass the best healthcare we can. Our approach is to examine an individual using data and communication, this includes test results, questionnaires, meal programs and more.

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