Orange County Stem Cell Treatments at MetroMD!

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Here at MetroMD we have been offering Stem Cell Therapy since 2012! Stem cell therapy and PRP has been around for a few decades. These treatments are quickly showing more and more treatment alternative to many degenerative diseases. Stem cell therapy utilizes a patients own stem cells to regenerative damaged and aging areas of the body. Stem cells are harvest from either the bone marrow, umbilical cord or adipose tissue. MetroMD prefers to utilize the bone marrow and umbilical cord source as studies have shown these cells have greater regenerative properties. Bone Marrow-derived stem cells are compliant with the FDA and follow same day cell and tissue transfer protocols.

    Application MetroMD offers for Stem Cell Treatments are as follows: Anti-Aging Intravenous Anti-Aging Orthopedic Knee Hip Ankle Shoulder Elbow Disc Cosmetic Hair Restoration Skin Rejuvenation Volume Loss If you have any more questions about our stem cell therapy procedures feel free to give us a call to learn more about these treatments at 323.285.5300 or an email to

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