Beverly Hills Based Micro-Needling for Anti-Aging

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Microneedling is an effective anti-aging treatment using tiny, short needles that puncture the skin superficially to rebuild collagen and elastin. The needles penetrate tiny holes into the skin to allow for ideal absorption of skincare or PRP (platelet rich plasma) and produce a tightening effect of the skin. When an injury occurs on the skin, the body’s natural response is to produce a flood of collagen and elastin to go in and repair the damage. Using the handheld micro-needling device, your practitioner creates controlled micro injuries which leads to multiple cosmetic and skin health benefits. Microneedling Benefits:

  • Softens stretch marks
  • Increases firmness and tightness
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation and pore size
  • Minimizes broken capillaries and spider veins
  • Improves skin texture and appearance of scars

Recovery is fast and patients typically see best results in skin tone after the second or third treatment. Microneedling treatments may be repeated every four to six weeks with continued improvements of the following months. Immediately after treatment, you may look as though you have a moderate to severe sunburn and your skin may feel warmer and tighter than usual. Avoid direct sunlight 24-48 hours after your treatment. It is recommended to use sunscreen with an SPF 25 or greater. For at least 3 days post-treatment, do not use any Alpha Hydroxyl Acids, Retinol, Vitamin A, Vitamin C or anything perceived as active skincare but be sure to protect your skin with SPF 25+.

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