Increase Brain Health & Longevity with Natural Foods and Supplements

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Degenerative brain disease is the terrifying reality for more than 5 million Americans in 2018. This number is predicted to more than triple by 2050. If there was something that you could do to prevent your brain for losing its cognitive function, wouldn’t you? Thanks to advanced research and science, there is a way to prolong our cognitive health and no longer fear the day we are given that daunting diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia.

Researchers have come to understand that most, if not all diseases, have a direct correlation to what we out into our bodies.  By increasing the amount of collagen, whole foods, and monounsaturated vegetable fats in our diet, and decreasing the amount of processed foods, supplemented grains, and saturated animal fats we can decrease the likeliness of degenerative brain disease by 35%.

Alternative medicine is expanding and becoming more of a staple in western civilization practices. At MetroMD our naturopathic doctor, Dr. Stone N.D., has developed a supplement line to provide the “busy American” with all he/she needs to ensure all of their micronutrient needs are being met. Although Dr. Stone is continually working to expand and further develop his line, he currently has a B-Complex oral supplement, which is specifically targeted to nourish the brain.

If you are interested in taking care of yourself today so that you can enjoy tomorrow and the plentiful years ahead, call MetroMD to book a consultation with Dr. Stone. He can design an individually tailored program to fit your needs and lifestyle to ensure your have the future you’ve always dreamt of.

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