Non-Surgical Facelift Beverly Hills

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Beverly Hills has been on the forefront of facelifts for decades. It is deemed as a mecca in the plastic surgery world. The best physicians procedures, etc can be found in Beverly Bills. But now the newest and latest facelift procedure has made it to market. MetroMD is releasing the MartinLift a non-surgical facelift in beverly hills.

The way this Non-Surgical Facelift in Beverly Hills works is by using smart threads specially designed to implant under the skin. These threads work as a framework under your skin that can support the skin and promote synthensis of collagen and elation. Basically this is a structure to help tighten your skin. Think of it as the tiny bones for your skin.

Once these are implanted using only needles a patient leaves the office and can quickly return to work the next day. Over the next six week the skin tightens and the Non-Surgical Facelift takes full effect.


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