Stem Cell Hip Injections, How do you Know Where to Inject?

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Blind injections. What does that mean? Well, its when injections are administered to a patient below the skin in areas that are not seen by the naked eye. Many times when physicians are performing stem cell or prp injections for hip injections they do not know where to inject or know if they are in the right spot. This is because they are doing blind injections.
As you could imagine this is incredibly wrong when it comes to a stem cell or prp injection to the hip. Every day at MetroMD we review and perform stem cell and PRP injection to the hip. However, these injection to the hip are not done blindly. The injection are done with guidance. Yes, guidance. These stem cell injections to the hip require an ultrasound to guide the injection deep into the joint.

Stem Cell Hip Injections are an amazing treatment to help regenerate a joint without surgery. However, the product cannot be accurately placed unless their is guidance. This allows the cell product to be administered right to the site of the damage and allow for the best recovery possible.

Once the cells are in place, they can begin regenerating the tissue and allowing the joint to heal. Typically some of these procedures can be repeated but best results come from injections with guidance.

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