Nutritional Consulting for Type II Diabetes

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Type II diabetes is a common disease here in America so common that 1 out of every 3 adults is at risk for it. Although there is no cure for this disease with proper diet and lifestyle changes it can become very manageable for patients dealing with type II diabetes.

At MetroMD we are always looking for ways to improve the health of our patients and provide the latest treatments. With over 27 million American’s suffering from Type II diabetes our clinic has focused on offering more widespread nutritional consulting tailored to patients with Type II diabetes.


Our nutritional consults involve a series of blood work to test for common nutritional deficiencies. Our doctor will then sit down with you and go over a full scale nutritional consult and evaluation based on you medical needs. Following this evaluation, our specialists can tailor an individualized nutritional plan for you to follow,


In addition to customizing a nutritional plan our team at MetroMD will help you monitor and track your progress. We will watch for any changes in energy, digestion, and track your overall health to determine what we need to adjust, include or minimize. Our full scope nutritional consults identify any issues, recommend the proper treatments and implement a realist approach to living with type II diabetes.

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