Santa Monica based HGH Therapy for Men with Low Growth Hormone

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HGH or Human Growth Hormone is naturally produced by the body as we age this production begins to slow down. This can be a serious problem in adults, when their bodies are stop naturally producing enough growth hormone a variety of factors can begin to effect their health and lifestyles. These effects can range from lower levels of energy or libido, metabolic issues and a loss of hair and/or muscle mass. HGH therapy is employed for countering the troubling effects of AGH. In the simplest of descriptions, HGH therapy utilizes injections that replace the growth hormones the body is not producing. Once the therapy is performed, many of the physical and mental problems associated with low levels of HGH can be diminished. Even a low dosage of HGH can have a very positive and noticeable effect. A person might become much more mentally alert while also experiencing a significant loss in body fat. Once a patient has been deemed qualified for HGH treatment, a doctor will prescribe HGH injections and these injections, commonly, are to be administered on a daily basis. Periodically, the patient must see the doctor in order to have blood work done. The blood tests will reveal new information about the HGH levels in the person’s body. To learn more about our HGH program at MetroMD you can contact us for a consult or email us with any questions at

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