PRFM for facial Injections, Its your Bodies Natural Filler


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2018 is an exciting time to be in the aesthetics world.  In todays aesthetics we are now combining treatments to regenerate tissues with traditional treatments. One of these is PRFM injections for fillers. And what is PRFM you may ask? PRFM is Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix. This is a product that is isolated from a patient’s own blood.  By extracting a couple vials of blood we can then use a specific process to turn it into a gel. This gel can then be injected into areas that are hollowing to revolumize.

PRFM is a great natural tool to restore lost volume. This typically is applied to the face in areas where volume is being lost due to the natural aging process. Areas such as the under eyes, nasolabial folds, or even lips can be injected. The best part is this will only restore your normal youthful look and never augment in an unnatural way.

PRFM is also great for other applications besides cosmetics. It can also be used in the sports medicine orthopedics world. PRFM can be injected into an aging or degenerated joint to promote regeneration of the tissues.

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