YAG Laser Freckle Removal at MetroMD in Los Angeles


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With the summer months coming freckles become more prominent than ever.  The extra sun exposure tends to make these small spots more evident. Many of our patients come to us looking for solutions to eliminate these spots. One of our favorite modalities for removing freckles is using YAG laser technology.

YAG laser for freckle removal is a great treatment. This laser simply attracts towards the pigment on the skin and breaks it down. This same laser is used for tattoo removal and the mechanism is similar. The laser penetrates the skin and hits this pigment and breaks it up. Over time your skin absorbs this pigment and some falls off.  This then leaves your skin clear of freckles.

Typically a patient will come in for 2-10 sessions depending on the amount of freckles as well as how well the patient responds to the treatment. The treatment is painless and does not even take anesthetic prior to treatment. Even better there is little down time. So, if you are looking for laser freckle removal in Los Angeles come try MetroMD out!

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