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Tennis Elbow affects the lives of many individuals.  But what is it, and why is it called Tennis Elbow.  Tennis elbow is most often caused by overuse and strain to the tendons in the elbow.  It gets its name from the sport of tennis since these athletes overuse their elbows they often damage the ligaments in the area.  Hence the name Tennis Elbow. In medical terminology the condition is actually called, lateral epicondylitis.  Whether you call it tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis the condition is troublesome and can be a nuisance.  However, with the use of pinpoint injections of stem cells and/or PRP a physician can now teat tennis elbow with a minimally invasive procedure.

The symptoms for tennis elbow may vary but often include pain or burning on the outer portion of the elbow and/or weak grip strength.  However, the magnitude of these symptoms may vary patient to patient. Any form of these symptoms can impact your daily activities in a negative way.  Traditionally once a patient notices these symptoms the routine would be to see a physician then use methods such as physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medications to combat the ailment. When these fail the physician will inform the patient the next step is arthroscopic surgery, which will correct the problematic area in the elbow.  However, this surgery is invasive and has months of downtime with physical therapy.  Even after the therapy is completed the elbow most often never returns to normal. However, with the use of cellular based medicine we can finally correct tennis elbow beyond what traditional surgery can do.

Stem cells harvested from the bone marrow along with PRP (platelet rich plasma) can regenerate the damaged soft tissue in the elbow.  Once stem cells are isolated they are placed into the site of trauma under the guidance of ultrasonic imaging.  This allows the physician to accurately place the cells to the exact area that is damaged.  Once the cells are in place they begin the healing process.  Over the next few months the cells divide replacing lost and damaged cells as well as decrease inflammation that can cause further damage in the elbow.  Once the cells replicate the elbow can restore to full health. Full health allows a patient to reuse their elbow to the ability equivalent to before the injury.

Stem cell medicine and PRP finally is a new modality that allow physically active patient to problematic tennis elbow.  For many, this is tremendous break through because it finally allows athletes to return to their sport and continue the sports they cherish.  With a simple and carefully placed injection physicians can now restore an elbow to better health without the need of traditional surgical methods.  Cellular medicine is now the new and affective alternative procedure for problematic elbow injuries.



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