Beverly Hills Based PRP Therapy for Hair Loss at MetroMD

HGH Therapy to Restore Hair Loss

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PRP for regrowth of Hair loss has been a main treatment here at MetroMD. We have had many patients coming in looking for PRP treatments to regrow hair. PRP is simply a product of the blood. The office quickly draws a small sample of blood. This is then processed into PRP. Once the PRP product is ready the treatment can begin. The PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma contains growth factors that naturally help heal cuts on your body. PRP is typically applied to the scalp using injections or micro needling techniques. At MetroMD we typically like Micro needling as we see the best results with the least discomfort to the patient. After the PRP is applied the patient is told to paid 4 hours before washing. The patient typically continues the PRP treatment once every 4-6 weeks until desired hair growth has happened. Typically 4-7 treatments are needed to obtain hair growth. If PRP for regrowth of Hair loss is something that could be of interest contact our office today at 323-285-5300!

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