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The Hollywood lifestyle is fast paced, busy and stressful. Sitting on the 101 freeway during rush hour or juggling two jobs it seems that stress is haunting us all. Not only are we overwhelmed with stress but our speedy lifestyles seem to only give us enough time to grab a fast-food hamburger, loaded with fats and grease.  It is painfully obvious why we wake up in the morning with that large “zit” in the middle of our foreheads.

Day after day, we continue to damage our skin with poor nutrition and the stressful environments that we live in. Constantly acne sites are arising. We are always in a battle with our acne; picking at our acne cysts or having our girlfriends ferociously “pop” them.

Some of us even use methods like make-up to hide our acne from the world.  But make-up is just feeding the acne with more oils and grit, that by the next day it seems that the cover-up has just made the problem even worse. For many of our patients it is hard for them to be confident when their faces, the first part of our bodies seen, are damaged by acne scars.

But what is there to do about these scars? I’ve tried everything!

Finally, with the help of MetroMD we can successfully reverse the signs of deep acne scarring with the aid of our bodies own stem cells.

How you may ask?

First, we apply a deep penetrating  DOT CO2 laser that breaks the dermis.  The CO2 laser is revolutionary and the best that medicine can offer for skin resurfacing. Quickly the laser makes thousands of holes on the surface of the skin; stimulating collagen production, tightening, and smoothening the surface of the skin.

But doesn’t every plastic surgeon have a laser?

Most likely, but this is where stem cells come into action.  After the CO2 laser is applied, the surface of your skin is now covered with holes, an access point for stem cells.  These newly formed holes act as a path to apply stem cells directly just below the dermal layer.

First the removal and purification of stem cells from your body is needed.  There is a rich source of stem cells trapped within our bones that turn into collagen. With proper medical care and technique we can harvest these cells for use. Once obtained the cells are topically applied to the surface of your skin.

From this point, the cells now have the ability to invade, penetrating deep into our skin, rebuilding and fixing the acne scars that our patients have demised their whole lives.  This is the first time we can successfully replace and rebuild our bodies own damaged tissue and reverse the signs of acne scarring.  Not only will the scars be erased but the stem cells will continue to produce skin cells in the future; continuing to maintain the skins new look.

This 21st century acne treatment has been perfected and is finally a way to help our patients achieve the cosmetic outcomes they want.

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