Removing Pigments and Redness with the IPL Laser

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The IPL laser or the intense pulsed light laser is a photo facial laser. Like other lasers, this is a controlled wound on the skin which causes the skin to heal and rejuvenate during the process. Unlike other lasers, this uses a flashlamp to beam light at the skin (not a laser beam). This means the procedure is much less invasive and requires less downtime when compared to other laser treatments such as the CO2 Laser.

For these reasons, this treatment is perfect for targeting pigmented skin and redness caused by sun exposure. This treatment is perfect for anyone who does not have time for recovery but would still like to treat their skin. A study done in 2004 by Cornell University concluded that the IPL was found to be a “non-invasive, non-ablative method for rejuvenating photoaged skin with minimal adverse events”.

Following a treatment, you will need to avoid sun exposure and exercise for the rest of the day. The following 2-3 days after that we would recommend putting on sunscreen while going out to prevent any sun damage or exposure. If you have any questions regarding the IPL or think it might be the right treatment for you give us a call at 323-285-5300. We can answer any questions you have regarding this treatment!





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