Scientist Make Heart Valves Out of Stem Cells

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New methods have been developed to treat the common issues experienced by so many heart attack sufferers. Stem cells are now being used to repair or replace valves in the heart. Autologous Biological Heart Valves are becoming a common procedure for heart valve replacement. Cardiovascular Stem Cell Therapy and Vascular Progenitor Cells are being researched.

Patients receiving autologous biological heart valves have an advantage over older methods, such as mechanical and donor valves. Their bodies are much more likely to accept the valve, as it is grown on a scaffolding with their own cells. The process involves decelluralization which clears the cells from the heart, leaving behind the scaffolding. The valve is then grown using either adult progenitor cells or induced pluripotent cells.

Vacular progenitor cells and stem cells have been found inside the vascular cell wall that actually create red and white blood cells. It was formerly thought that blood cells are only manufactured inside the bone marrow. Researchers are targeting these cells as a way to prevent atherosclerosis.

Cardiovascular stem cell therapy is being studied for use in patients to provide revascularization.

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