Sculpted Arms with Liposuction in Los Angeles


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MetroMD offers the latest liposuction techniques for sculpting arms. At our clinic we utilize laser assisted liposuction called SmartLipo. By using SmartLipo we can assure the best outcomes for sculpting arms when compared to traditional liposuction.

Laser assisted liposuctions works by first using a laser for breaking down fat. This laser is first inserted into the area of concern and energy is emitted. The laser works to destroy fat cells in the area that we are targeting. When these fat cells are destroyed it allows for a better liposuction and a better removal of targeted fat.

However, the laser does more than just breaking down fat. It also targets the skin to allow for skin tightening. This is a great addition to liposuction. Traditionally a volume of fat is removed and loose skin can be left. However, laser assisted liposuction aims to correct this problem.

By utilizing this laser assisted technique we can assure the best outcomes for arm sculpting. No longer does a patients have to have loose arms with access fat. Smartlipo offered by MetroMD allows for this to be corrected. Best yet, it doesn’t even need full anesthesia. It is done under local anesthetics and allows for a patient to go home that day without the recovery needed with full anesthesia.

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