Sermorelin HGH Therapy Improves Quality of Life

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January 06, 2015

The MetroMD Institute of Regenerative Medicine offers qualified patients the most effective treatments in Stem Cell, Hormone Replacement, and Cosmetic Therapies.

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HGH or human growth hormones have been used for anti- aging treatments for awhile, but HGH alone, is known to have side effects. Sermorelin a peptite molecule (discovered in the seventies), works by encourgaging the pituatory gland in a natural way, to make and release HGH. This hormone in our bodies peaks by the age of 21 and gradually decreases as we age. So this treatment in turn tricks the body into doing what it did when we were younger. Muscle mass is increased and fat is burned at a faster rate, so we look and feel younger. Not only are we healthier, we are less tired, have a better sex drive and actually sleep better. So HGH and sermorelin combine to produce growth hormones, just the way your body did when you were younger. There are no known side effects. Other benefits of this treatment are increased skin elasticity stronger bones and better brain function. Your whole body system is more efficient and your moods are improved. Our health is greatly affected by aging so this hormone therapy really does give us a better quality of life. This can be given by injections or sublingual ( under the tongue).


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