Short Children Can Use Human Growth Hormone to Grow Taller

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“Regardless of how tall your grandfather was, you have to do your own growing.” These were famous words uttered by the 16th U.S president, Abraham Lincoln. Unfortunately, as much as these words had a metaphoric meaning at the time, some of today’s children battle with a growth hormone deficiency. The question is, would human growth hormone for short children get them to grow taller?

It’s been said that HGH is a protein that signals growth. Commonly used in children, human growth hormone replacement therapy mainly encourages growth through increasing muscle mass development. The way it is done, would be by administering the hormone into the third skin layer or the muscle via a daily injection.

Besides helping short children grow taller, HGH may also benefit obese kids in helping them lose body fat and boost their motor skills.

However, using human growth hormone to help children grow taller can be hazardous if not done properly. Therefore, it is crucial to take it under the guidance of a qualified medical professional. They need to monitor the patient’s progress in case the amount of the drug being given needs to change. It goes to show that there is no need for children to remain short as HGH is specially formulated to ensure growth.



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