Stem Cell and CO2 laser for Acne Scars

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Stem Cell and CO2 Laser Treatments: Help for Acne Scars

Acne can be a very troubling skin condition to say the least. The red blemishes caused by clogs in the pores (pimples) can truly prove highly distracting. Even worse than the pimples and lesions themselves, the troubling skin scarring that results from breakouts can be even worse. Scars can remain the skin for years. The healing process for scars moves quite slowly, if it moves at all. The possibility exists the scars may remain on the skin forever more.

Now, new methods have been developed that may very well reduce the effect of the presence of acne scars forever. Stem cell and CO2 laser treatments for acne scars may be able to deliver results that otherwise proved elusive.

Long Sought After Solutions for Acne Scars

New innovations in acne treatments are constantly being discovered. For those who have been disappointed with acne scar treatments in the past might not be too quick to believe effective new solutions exist. The good news here is effective new treatments have emerged and they may very well be able to return the skin to its original pristine state.

Stem cells are now being employed as a means of reversing acne scars. The procedure known as extracellular matrix utilizes the body’s own stem cells to facilitate the healing process. The procedure is a painless one that is performed in a doctor’s office taking less than a half hour to complete. Originally designed as a means of treating wounds, this form of stem cell therapy offers hope to those suffering from acne marked skin.

CO2 laser treatments for acne and its scars also presents a bold new way of rejuvenating the skin. The CO2 laser actually vaporizes a certain amount of the skin. The intended purpose here is to stimulate a new regeneration of the skin. As a result, the scarred skin can be potentially resurfaced.

A Combination Approach

There is no reason to assume only one of these treatments can be selected. Using both CO2 laser treatment combined with stem cell therapy could lead to the most effective results.



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