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Currently the medical field continues to expand the ways athletic injuries are cared for. Physicians are working to improve the way they treat athletes in order to help preserve their trade. One of the major focuses currently resides in ways to correct meniscus tears. Over the last decade a lot of work has been done to find alternative therapies to heal a damaged or torn meniscus. Stem Cell therapy and PRP (platelet rich plasma) is showing to be the best method to help heal a damaged meniscus.

Small meniscus tears are conventionally treated with arthroscopic surgery. Traditionally this procedure was seen as minimally invasive but in reality it causes a lot more damaged when compared to stem cell or PRP therapy. The problem resides in the very nature of arthroscopic surgery. In this type of procedure the patient has the tear clipped off and the remaining tissue is sewn together. This method allows the patient to continue to use their knee but with a thinner and weaker meniscus. Stem cell and PRP therapy on the contrary will regenerate the tear to full health, without removing parts of the meniscus. Recent studies show over a 6-month course cellular medicine will regenerate the meniscus back to better health, giving an athlete a newer and improved knee.

Cellular medicine is the new alternative therapy for athletes who need to improve their recovery and protect their trade. With a small sample of bone marrow or blood a physician can now heal a meniscus tear by injecting these regenerative cells directly to the site of damage. Imaging technology such as ultrasound allows a physician to accurately place cells at the exact site of damage. Over the course of the next six months an athlete can expect to have improved results and continue to play their game.

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