Stem Cell Therapy for Autoimmune Disease


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Over the last two decades research in the stem cell medicine industry has
exploded. Much research has gone into autoimmune related disorders. These
include osteoporosis, MS, Lupus, Diabetes and more. At MetroMD we offer
Intravenous cellular procedures to help with these areas. However, in the United
States these treatments are not currently FDA approved but can be offered to
patients under this knowledge and following “Right to Try Bill” that was put into
place this year.

The Right to Try Bill gives patients the ability to try treatments in the United States
that are still under FDA research and not quiet proven. MetroMD is working under
these supervisions to help provide these patients with alternative treatment options
for these autoimmune related issues.

Typically a patient with an autoimmune type of disorder will take stem cell
intravenously. Often these programs are paired with lifestyle changes that will
accompany the plan once the patient leaves the office. This combination of
treatment helps ensure the best outcome for the patient.

So, if you or you know someone with an autoimmune related diagnosis and want to
partake in Stem Cell treatments here in the US, try MetroMD.

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