Stem Cell Therapy for Damaged Hip Joints

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It is difficult to exaggerate when discussing the vast potential that stem cell therapy holds. Many problems that were once considered insurmountable could potentially be solved rapidly using stem cell therapies. Since stem cells have the potential to more or less become a wide range of other cells, their potential for tissue repair is tremendous. People that have damaged hip joints may be able to benefit from stem cell therapy.

It’s important to get at the root of the problem when addressing all medical conditions. People are more prone to damaged hip joints as they age for a reason. The cartilage in between joints absorbs the pressure that people naturally experience throughout the day. As a result of aging, that cartilage begins to whither away, leaving the bones significantly more vulnerable to damage. In some cases, hip joints that seem to have been damaged as a result of an accident may essentially have been damaged in advance.

Stem cell therapies can potentially be used to regrow cartilage, thus making joints less prone to damage and making it easier for patients to heal from related injuries. While stem cell therapies may have applications for the bones themselves, they may be particularly useful when it comes to repairing cartilage.



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