Stem Cells are an Alternative to Bulged and Herniated Disc Surgery

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Back pain is the one of the most common complaints among back pain suffers. Aside from surgery, exercise, physical therapy, and medication there is little doctors can do to alleviate or cure back pain. Current treatment methods might include injections, depending on the severity of pain, and its locations.

Degenerative, bulged and herniated discs are responsible for millions of these complaints. As technology advances and medical industries improve, the outcome for treating these conditions are favorable. Stem cell therapy offers back pain suffers the type of hope that was never before available.

The continual loss of healthy cells inside the disc area distorts the structure of the disc. The results are the breakdown of normal cells, and the replacement of fibrotic cells. This abnormality leads to bulging discs, bone spurs and protrusions, with possible damage to the vertebrae.

Since the body can ultimately heal itself. Stem cell therapy aids in the healing process by removing the damaged cells, and replacing them with healthy cells.


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