Active Weekend Warriors turn to Stem Cell Therapy for Treatment

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Stem cell therapy is the utilization of stem cells to prevent or treat a condition or a disease. A weekend warrior is a person who tries to fit in all the fitness activities of the week into a session or two usually on the weekend. In most cases, they do more that their bodies can handle. The most common weekend warrior injuries are injuries caused by overuse. Overuse injuries include patella tendinitis, Shoulder rotator cuff tendinitis could also arise from overuse particularly for tennis players, others include tennis elbow and golfers elbow among others.

Stem cell therapy is a harmless, non-invasive option for traditional surgery.

Stem cell injections can be used to treat overuse injuries since they have the potential to heal fractional tears of the Achilles tendon, patella tendons, rotator cuffs, hamstring and quadriceps tendons.

The capability of stem cells to divide and become more specialized cells makes them attractive agents in a variety of areas of medicine. These specialized cells include muscle bone and blood cells. In addition, these stem cells can be harvested from an individual and reimplanted in the same person, and this potentially reduces or eliminates the risk of infection making stem cell therapy appealing for overuse injuries. The procedure sometimes includes the use of adult stem cells from the body of the patient resulting in regeneration, repair and healing of tissue, for a variety of injuries and related conditions.


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