Stem Cells Reduce Skin Acne Scars

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Acne can ruin more than just a big date or perfect photo. Scars left from acne breakouts can damage your self esteem as well as your skin. That was the old reality. New advances in stem cell therapy have provided significant improvements in acne scarred skin.

As one of LA’s premier providers of cosmetic and regenerative treatment, we know how to rid your face of acne scars. We are MetroMD, Institute of Regenerative Medicine. We specialize in the use of stem cell therapy for the treatment of acne. In a nutshell, medical advances have made it possible to use your own stem cells from marrow, blood or tissues and transplant them to the damaged areas. These cells replenish your body’s supply of regenerative cells. As new cells grow, the damaged areas diminish.

Stem cell therapy is cutting edge but also FDA approved for a number of procedures. Your harvested stem cells can even be stored for furrier treatments. Advances in stem cell therapy research indicate that stem cells can be used to treatment disease as well as for cosmetic purposes.

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