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The arrival of Stem-Cell technology  over the past year and a half brings with it the interesting ability to arrest premature aging of the skin and to erase unwanted signs of aging such as wrinkles, stains and deep lines.

How can Stem-Cells correct the premature aging process and can they help me? Here are five good reasons why they can.

    1. In 2011 a new CO-2 fractional laser was approved for treatment for all of these conditions and the great advantage of this revolution in laser technology is quick healing time (less than a week), no pain during the treatment and the easy acessability of laser treatment sites. When Stem Cells are applied to the treated skin, they glide across the open areas and release their growth factors which penetrate the skin and stimulate healing, thus cutting recovery time by fifty percent.


    1. Stem-cells can also be applied after a deep, medical microdermabrasion. The growth factors released from the stem cells covers the abraded tissue and stimulates the fibroblasts and other recovery cells to restore the tissue in half the usual time. The result is beautiful, smooth, translucent skin in less than 72 hours.


    1. After a painless treatment with the laser or microdermabrasion across the entire face,  the patient is often placed in a comfortable hyperbaric chamber which delivers high concentration of oxygen to the stem-cells and treated skin. The oxygen enters the treated cells and the cell metabolism speeds up as a result of the increase in activity within the cells organelles from the high concentration of oxygen. The fine lines around the eyes disappear, the €œsmokers lines about the lips go away, blotches from sun-damage and wrinkling, crepe-like skin vanish and are replaced by smooth, translucent, young-appearing new skin.


    1. Dehydrated skin following a long airplane flight, skin damaged by alcoholism and poor nutrition, scarred and depigmented skin responds well to microdermabrasion, stem-cells and hyperbaric oxygenation. This trio is a remedy for travelers with badly dehydrated skin and individuals seeking detoxification.


    1. It sounds like a miracle but, no, it isn’t. It is pure science at work. The arrival of stem-cells is bringing forth a whole new level of cosmetic skin treatments. Flawless skin can now be attained without the expensive surgeries that require long periods of recuperation. For deep acne scars, the CO-2 fractional laser is used first and its powerful beam is directed onto the scars edges. This device allows the clinician to trace around the edges of scars and thereby reduce the rims of craters to a smooth plain.  Afterwards, the stem-cells are applied. This breakthrough technique is used to remove deep acne scars that are resistant to other forms of treatment.


As technology progresses, we are seeing more effective treatments being developed in the fight against aging. The arrival of stem-cells is an exciting new addition to cosmetic skin treatments. And unlike anything else, stem-cells have the ability to make your skin look younger, as opposed to just making it smoother and even toned. I for one am excited at the prospect of being able to help people look and feel as beautiful as they want to be. In my field of work, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the look on one of my patient’s face a few weeks following their treatments. Their skin is luminous, and they glow as much on the outside as they do on the inside.



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