Stem Cells the Breakthrough Treatment for Wrinkles, Scars and Pigment

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Adult stem cell treatment is an innovative breakthrough. It has proven to be very effective in treating acne scaring, wrinkles and pigment issues. Some of the fatty tissue from your body is removed and processed by removing the stem cells. The stem cells with a new sample of body fat works better than fat alone. The stem cells and fat are then injected into the areas where you wish treatment. This fills out lines, wrinkles and gives you a even skin tone. It works by actually encouraging your own fat and collagen to grow, making your skin tone better and your face lines and scars fill out. This treatment works better than other methods. It actually helps your own body to grow new fat and will stimulate your cells and blood flow to the areas that have been injected. The blood flowing to the injected area has a continuous nourishing effect on the new growth area. Within a few days you should see a dramatic difference in your appearance. Other treatments and fillers only work for a certain amount of time. These injected adult stem cells will continue to stimulate the areas treated with a more natural longer lasting effect.



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