Testosterone and HGH work to Treat ED Erectile Dysfunction

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Millions of men suffer from low testosterone. When testosterones fall below 50% the results can lead to decreased libido, low energy and loss muscle mass. The problem derive a hardening of the arteries, and can create other contributing medical conditions.

Once the damage is done, minuet blood vessels in the penis becomes narrow, and restrict the flow of blood, which is needed to form an erection. High blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes are the main reasons leading to both erectile dysfunction and atherosclerosis. However, low testosterone is a huge contributor of erectile dysfunction.

As men age their hormone levels decrease, which is usually around age 25 years old. Hormone levels vary from one individual to the next. A complete blood test can determine which type of individualized hormone replacement program is most effective.

Hormone therapy helps to improve aids in improving low or reduced libido, which many men lose. Men with low testosterone experience less sexual gratification, and are often tense, depressed and frustrated. Other causes of low libido are sleep deprivation, stress, depression and chronic medical problems. What HGH therapy does is simple. It puts the groove back into the bedroom, and back into the testosterone where it belongs.



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