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Time after time we hear about Multiple Sclerosis patients having to give up many of their normal daily activities due to a loss of mobility.  This was the case for Texas native Sam Harrel.  Sam Harrel was the head football coach for Ennis High School.  During his coaching career Harrel managed to take the school to three back-to-back state championships and guided several students towards their professional football careers. However, in 2010 Harrel had to give up coaching due to effects Multiple Sclerosis had on his body.  At this time Harrel was not ready to give up his life, like most MS patients would, so he quickly found a solution.  Sam Harrel underwent three stem cell therapy procedures that allowed his body to reverse the signs of MS and ultimately allowing Harrel to return to the field.

Sam Harrel could not give up his passion for coaching football to Multiple Sclerosis.  When Multiple Sclerosis forced Harrel into early retirement he was not ready to give up.  He quickly began researching the disease and the ways that could help him return to his sport.  After some time Harrel stumbled on to stem cell therapy and the ways it has helped many patients with similar cases.  Stem cell therapy was the first sign of hope for Sam that may allow him to one day return to his beloved coaching position.

Multiple Sclerosis is a very problematic disease in terms of treatments.  The reason that it is problematic is due to the fact that the disease is an autoimmune disorder. Or in other terms, it is a disease where the patients own white blood cells are attacking their body.  In the case of MS the patients white blood cells attack a protective coating known as Myelin that insulates the nerve cells around the body.  Without this coating signals cannot travel down the nerve and the patient loses ability to control areas associated with this damaged nerve.  This process is exactly what happened to Sam, leaving him immobile and unable to coach his beloved football team.

Simply, Sam needed to find a way to stop his body from further damaging himself and reverse the present nerve damage.  Sam knew that the medicine currently available was not enough and that a modern medical technology would have to be used.  Stem cell therapy gave Sam hope to actually correct his condition.  After three treatments of Mesenchymal Stem Cells through an intravenous route, Sam quickly began to return to functioning normally.

The symptoms of MS soon were reversed and Coach Harrel acquired the ability to return to coaching.  This was due to two factors that allow the stem cells used to combat the signs of MS.  The first being that the Mesenchymal stem cells are immune regulatory cells.  Mesenchymal Stem Cells have the ability to monitor the immune system and in the case of MS stop the white blood cells from attacking the body’s neurons protective coating. The second method for repair is the ability for the stem cells to replace the lost myelin insulation around the nerve cells, allowing them to function properly and once again transmit important signals.

Multiple Sclerosis has limited the lives of many patients around the world with little to no help to be cured. Finally, stem cell therapy allows MS patients a new and effective outlet that can help them properly battle their disease.  For Sam Harrel this was the case.  After having to prematurely leave his coaching job, Sam found a way to return to his career.  Sam used stem cell therapy to defeat the signs of MS and allowed him to continue coaching high school students towards their long successful futures.


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