The Carbon Laser for Acne Treatment

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The Carbon Peel is a laser that targets acne and blackheads. The laser is attracted to the carbon particles that are applied to the patient via a cream prior to the treatment. This is a great treatment because it has no downtime and is virtually painless.

 The laser helps with acne by removing dead skin and bacteria from the treatment area. It is good for those with open pores or oily skin. It helps shrink the pores and provides a deep cleaning to the face or area treated.

 We offer the Carbon Peel at Metro on a monthly basis with our Carbon Peel membership patients can choose from a monthly IV or Carbon laser peel. The Carbon peel or Spectra laser is an effective treatment for acne prevention and reduction. To learn more about our Carbon Peel Treatment at MetroMD you can contact us for a consult or email us with any questions at

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