Beverly Hills Naturopathic Doctor on The Importance of Daily Rituals

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As a natural practitioner, our focus is on the human body as a whole. Rather than solely examine an area of pain or a certain illness our goal is to develop a lifelong understanding of patients eating habits, lifestyle and mental state. This is traditionally an uncommon approach in Western medicine. As usually a series of tests, diagnostics, and prescriptions are given before truly understanding a patient.   Part of Naturopathic medicine in encompassing a healthy and active lifestyle, this involves much more than just eating right and exercising. Looking for key aspects such as sleep patterns, hydration, diet, work environment, the quality of the air you breathe at your home and various other factors that are typically are not looked at in Western medicine. This gives doctors a more unique relationship with patients that in a communication sense removes many barriers.   At MetroMD, we offer various regenerative treatments. Natural medicine embodies this theme by presenting an alternative to reaction based medicine. Natural medicine takes a strong preventative approach to ensure the body is well kept in fighting disease. Learn more about Natural Medicine and it’s practice as Dr. G breaks down the importance of daily rituals in this video below!

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