The Use of Human Growth Hormone in the Treatment of HIV

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Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is the virus known to cause AIDS. This virus is typically contracted through exposure to the blood or semen of an infected individual. For years, doctors have tried to find a cure for this disease. While there is still no cure, there are a variety of treatments that can lessen the severity of the symptoms associated with HIV. In recent years, many hormone replacement therapy benefits have been found regarding the treatment of this virus. Here are some of the things you need to know about human growth hormone therapy and how it can help individuals with HIV.

A Reduction in the Development of HARS

HIV-associated adipose redistribution syndrome is a condition where the accumulation of excess fat and tissue forms in the stomach. This collection of fat and tissue can create unsightly pouches in the stomach and may lead to the loss of self-confidence. The hormone replacement therapy benefits in the treatment of this condition is undeniable. This therapy can significantly reduce the occurrence of HARS, which provides HIV patients with an improved body image, along with a number of other benefits.

Improving a Patient’s Immune System

While there are still a variety of studies still in process on the hormone replacement therapy benefits regarding an HIV patient’s immune system, the data looks promising. People with HIV have a difficult time fighting off common diseases due to a compromised immune system. In time, studies may show this type of hormone replacement therapy can be effective in giving an HIV patient’s immune system a much needed boost.

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