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The baby boom has left us with an increasing demographic of aging people.  As a large portion of our population ages the more we hear about aching bones and joints.  Our aging population is suffering from arthritis and osteoporosis.

Bone and joint problems are unavoidable.

As we walk to the market or even just move our bodies our joints are taking a load of stress.  From day to day, our bodies cannot support the abuse we put them through.  This is the underlying reason that our aging population is suffering from bone and joint problems. By no means is it anyone’s fault that this so called wear and tear of the body is happening. Imagine trying to go a whole day without moving a single bone in your body. It is impossible. Inevitably, throughout our lives our skeletal and joint structures break down due to daily activity.

So what can be done to fix this?

Medicine for years has had to rely on surgery to fix these issues.  However, nobody wants to have a knee replacement that requires a month of downtime, followed by time-consuming visits to your physical therapist.

Finally there is a new solution¦ Stem cells are the newest and most innovative therapy for reversal of arthritis and osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis and arthritis are underlying cause is due to degeneration of the tissues in the problematic areas.  It can be caused by chronic inflammation, where our own body is simultaneously destroying and trying to heal inflamed tissue or it can be from extensive activity and movement of our joints.

It’s impossible to keep your joints from being used and stressed.  Some day all of us will have some type of arthritis or osteoporosis if we don’t take proper care of our bodies.  But how can we stop this effect?

This is where stem cell therapy is used.

Stem cells can be harvested from the patient’s bone marrow and applied directly to these problematic sites.  Once a stem cell adheres to the site of degeneration it can transform into bone, ligament, or even fat tissues.  The stem cells, now in place, can divide and build a new cell lineage that will reverse bone and joint damage for good.

The cells are applied with a gel like solution that concentrates the stem cells in the area of inflammation.  This gives stem cells the ability to affectively target the problematic sites and help cure. Over several months these areas that have been causing pain and discomfort will start to heal naturally. 

But how can this work?

The key to rebuilding joint and bone tissue is in finding the right type of stem cell.  The stem cells in our bone marrow are of mesenchymal origin.  That means they have the ability to turn into any tissue that is derived from mesenchyme.

Joints, bones, ligaments, and tendons are all derived from mesenchymal tissues.  All parts of the body of mesenchymal origin can be rebuilt if the proper stem cell is administered to these sites. With time and only the slight discomfort of a single injection, we can help our patients recover from bone and joint traumas.

This therapy, for the first time can effectively restore our bodies joints and bones back to their normal states.  Finally, there exists a cure for osteoporosis and arthritis without pesky medications or surgery!

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