Use SmartLipo to Get Rid of Unwanted Fat Safely

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People can exercise regularly and be in shape and still have unwanted fat in certain areas of their bodies. Many would love to have surgery to take care of the problem but are afraid to go under the knife. Does this sound like you? If so, there is a new procedure that may be perfect for you.

SmartLipo was the first laser-assisted fat removal procedure to be approved by the FDA. The laser technology reduces unwanted fat deposits through minimally invasive liposuction. The procedure is both a non-surgical and non-invasive method. During the procedure, MetroMD doctors use lasers and computer aided technology to safely remove tissues around the fatty area, which also leads to coagulation of the tissues. The laser technology uses energy to burn excessive fat and liquefy it. It does not cause damage in other soft tissues in the body. Additionaly, the therapy improves the fat burning capacity of the body and helps prevent the accumulation of fat in the treated areas.

Not only is the method safe, but it is also minimally painful, and the patient heals very quickly without need of days or weeks of recovery. Even better, the cost is reasonable.

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