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Hello, this is Dr. Alex Martin coming to you from Hollywood, California.

Here at MetroMD, in the heart of Hollywood, we see many, many innovations. One of these has been stem cell technology. Over the past decade all of us have learned what stem cells really are. Ten years ago we thought stem cells existed only in the embryo and therefore the embryo was the source of stem cells. When in fact, over the last five years we know that we ourselves are excellent sources of very important stem cells that are very viable and that do the job we thought we had to do with embryonic stem cells in the past.

Now with mesenchymal stem cells coming from our own bone marrow we are able to heal wounds, restore joints. We are able to see many, many changes where repairs that we previously thought were impossible are now possible. In various countries around the world we see stem cells being used to repair retinas, the back of the eyes. We see stem cells growing hearts and organs.

In this country, in the United States, we are now catching up very rapidly, making very, very, very rapid advances in stem cell technology. One of the most important of these technologies is stem cells derived from bone marrow. This is the kind of stem cell we here at MetroMD utilize.

We first make you very comfortable, so you have a little bit of medication, you’re relaxed, and we anesthetize the site where we’re going to take the stem cells. This site is usually at the lower spine and it’s over the bones of the hips and the lower spine. We anesthetize the area. We take the stem cells out. We find them by placing them in a centrifuge and then we reinject the stem cells in the targeted organs. These are called mesenchymal stem cells and these stem cells are very important in reconstructing joints.

Many of our patients have done extremely well with minimal discomfort in the process and we see every day patients telling us that they can now run when they couldn’t even walk six weeks ago. Many of our patients are young people who’ve had sports injuries. Others are older individuals, over the age of 60, who have had damage from arthritis. We are very excited about potential stem cells in this very basic and primitive, primal sort of function in repairing joints.

If you have further questions on stem cells and you are concerned about the use of stem cells or you have any interest in the technology we use for gathering stem cells, please call us at MetroMD. The number is 323 285 5300. Goodbye.



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