What to Expect Before and After HGH Therapy

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A Human Growth Hormone, or HGH deficiency can produce symptoms including a greater percentage of body fat, a reduction in muscle mass and a reduction in bone density. These, along with other symptoms such as general malaise and possible mood changes can appear to be or mimic some of the effects of aging. HGH is produced naturally in the Pituitary gland. It works in conjunction with the liver throughout life to provide the hormones necessary to trigger bone and muscle growth as a child grows through maturity.

HGH therapy may be able to help restore some of these deficiencies. HGH therapy is traditionally administered in a series of shots. Other delivery methods are in development, however most have not yet been proven to be effective. The therapy has been shown in recent scientific research studies to help reduce excess body fat and increase muscle mass.

For these reasons, athletes have often sought HGH as a method to improve performance and its use has consequently been banned by every professional competitive sporting association. Although there is no conclusive evidence that bone density is affected during the therapy, many patients have reported a better mood and greater feeling of general well being.



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