When should you get stem cell therapy? MetroMD Los Angeles Explains

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Patients often want to know when should you get stem cell therapy? We wanted to answer this questions relating to orthopedic related injuries. Often patients obtain orthopedic or sports medicine injuries that go untreated. These patents are told they should either undergoe surgery or sometimes are prescribed pain medications and given cortisone shots to mask the problem.

At Metromd we believe the time a patient should get stem cell therapy is when they are in this category. Stem cell therapy is a great alliterative to surgery and a whole lot better than cortisone. Stem cells can be injected into the area of damaged, i.e. meniscus tear of a knee, and then they start their job. These cells quickly stop inflammation and promote the native tissues to regenerate. Over time the tissues are healed and the patient can go back to their life.

Yes, I’m sure you are saying this seems a whole lot better than surgery. Well we agree with you. These new technologies of stem cell injections gives patients new ways to regenerate their damaged joints.

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