Stem Cell Therapy for Hip Arthritis, What to Expect

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Many patients want to know what to expect when getting stem cell therapy for hip arthritis. The answer varies. Stem cell therapy takes many different approaches depending on the diagnosis, patient age, current health, and many other factors. This means it is best to consult with an experienced physician if you are looking into stem cell injections into the hip.

When a patient has hip arthritis stem cells can be used. Stem cells from fat, bone marrow or donor sources have been known to be used to regenerate hip tissues. At MetroMD we have utilized all sources but mostly choose to work with bone marrow derived stem cells. Our research and other research around the globe leads us to believe bone marrow derived stem cells are currently the best source for musculoskeletal diseases.

So, with bone marrow derived stem cells we first harvest bone marrow. Typically this is drawn from the lilac crest on the hip bone. From here the bone marrow is processed to get a stem cell rich bone marrow concentrate. This product can then be injected into a hip that has arthritis. Over time the stem cells regenerate the hip arthritis and help restore function.

Not only can stem cells regenerate the hip tissue but stem cells have shown to also help stop the progression and arthritis signal inside the hip. Hip Arthritis patients can now turn to stem cell therapy to help restore hip function. Stem cell therapy also works on other joints such as knees.

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