Which Type of Stem Cells to use for Joint Disorders?

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There are a lot of questions being asked about “Which Type of Stem Cells to use for Joint Disorders”? This is a great question. With more and more stem cell sources or supposedly stem cell sources hitting the market it is valid to wonder what type of stem cell is best for treating joint disease.

The answer:

Stem cells from bone marrow are currently the best type of stem cell for joint disease. This is because these cells have more phenotypic expression and tend to regenerate joint disease better than any other source of stem cell. Still many people ask:

“But arent there more stem cells in fat”

Yes, we agree there are more stem cells in fat when compared to the same amount of bone marrow. However, it matters how well these stem cells work. It isn’t appropriate to inject a lot of stem cells if they do not work as well as a few bone marrow derived stem cells. So if you are wondering Which Type of Stem Cells to use for Joint Disorders, the answer is bone marrow derived stem cells.

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