Los Angeles PRP for Knee Injuries

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PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is a treatment that is fairly quick and involves little to no downtime. This treatment uses the patient’s own blood by separating the growth plasma from the other blood cells. The plasma is then applied to the area being treated delivering fresh oxygen and plasma to that part of the body. For knee injuries this can be a miracle, the plasma has shown to speed up healing by sending platelets to damaged or injured areas. This can help with a reduction in pain and stiffness as well as improving mobility in the knee. This can be a good alternative to painkillers or surgery. This treatment requires several treatments in order to see the best results. Typically patients would come in every 6-8 weeks for 3-6 separate sessions. you have any questions or think you would be a good candidate for PRP contact us today. You can contact us for a consult or email us with any questions at

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