A-Cell Add on for PRP Hair loss Treatments in Los Angeles

HGH Therapy to Restore Hair Loss

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Many men and women come to MetroMD looking for solutions to hair loss and
thinning hair. Over the years we have developed protocols utilizing our bodies
own healing mechanisms to restore hair the natural way. These include stem
cells treatments and PRP (platelet rich plasma). However, the latest and most
efficacious regenerative treatment is PRP with an additive called A-Cell.

And what is A-Cell?

A cell is a dehydrated extra cellular matrix that is added to PRP. This matrix
provides extra growth factors, collagen, and other additives that help further

promote hair follicle regeneration.

During a treatment a practitioner will still draw blood, isolate PRP, but then A-
Cell is added to this solution. This in turn is all injected into the scalp. We
recommend continuing this treatment monthly until the desired results are achieved.

Most patients require between 3-6 treatments.

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