HGH Therapy in Los Angeles for Children of Short Stature


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Over the past two decades HGH (Human Growth Hormone) Therapy has demonstrated its success in aiding growth in children of short stature. Who are these children? They are individuals who fall below the “fiftieth percentile” on the Growth Curve, the metric or measuring tool we use to evaluate a child’s growth progression. In 1997 HGH was synthesized in the laboratory, making it for the first time available to large numbers of people. The first groups to receive the hormone were those children who failed to grow or who were well within the parameters described above. With studies and data from tracking those first individuals from over twenty-five years ago, we can see the hormone therapy is beneficial. Sadly, when twins were discovered in families provided with HGH, it was sometimes discovered that one twin was denied the therapy by parents for financial reasons. The “child left behind” became unwillingly the “control” in an unofficial study whereas the identical twin treated became the “subject receiving the therapy.” Our experience at MetroMD demonstrates that children receiving HGH therapy often grow one and half to two inches over a six to nine month period, usually over Spring and Summer. A critical factor in those children approaching 17 and 18 years of age is the “Bone’s Growth Plates.” Those are areas in the long bones which must remain open for the bones to lengthen. As puberty ends and we approach 18 years of age, the growth plates close and our height is fixed. There are exceptions to this observation in which more growth in height occurs as late as age twenty but these are rare. The HGH is administered in a pen form with a very small needle that delivers the correct amount daily of HGH easily and without discomfort just under the skin. The experience is quite different from that of receiving a vaccine or antibiotic injection and for that the children treated often smile and express their surprise at how little the injection hurt.

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