Vitamin Therapy for Weight Loss

HCG Diet, Los Angeles, CA

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Vitamin IV therapy and Mesotherapy have been alternative methods for weight loss that have been
becoming ever more popular. Specific cocktails of vitamins and supplements are being used to help
aid in fat metabolism and helping stop the access storage of fat on the body.

At MetroMD we have been pioneering this practice over the last decade. One of our favorite cocktails
for weight loss is utilizing a blend called MIC. This stands for methionine, inositol and choline. All three
of these agents are powerful natural modalities to digest stubborn fat and to help stop the storage of
fat on the body. This blend can be administered intravenously, injected into the targeted area, or taken intramuscularly for use.

However, with any of these therapies we recommend a proper nutrition program to go along with it. At
MetroMD we have a wellness expert that can help tailor a diet program to aid with weight loss that
goes hand in hand with vitamin therapy. Each program is custom made for each client and will help ensure safe and effective weight loss.

So, if you are looking into Vitamin Therapy for your weight loss program try, MetroMD. We have many
tools that will help ensure success available at your fingertips. Also, other program such as HCG, HGH
and meal planning are available to further help your weight loss journey reach its success.

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