HGH Therapy for Injury Recovery

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HGH therapy has been a staple in the MetroMD practice. Patients have come to us
for years with diagnosable growth hormone deficiencies and have undergone HGH
therapy under our guidance. However, many of these patients as a secondary benefit
see old injuries repairing themselves. This is due to the fact HGH is a major hormone
responsible for tissue repair and recovery and when a patient levels are normalized
they can see themselves healing at a quicker rate.

We have seen countless patients over the years report this affect that old injury
recovery has taken place once they start an HGH program. For instance, many
patients report joints that have been aching for years starting to feel normal after
starting an HGH program.

HGH works by promoting tissues to recover and repair themselves. This hormone
signals for new cells to be made which ultimately can help heal an injury. Also,
secondarily a hormone called IGF-1 is released by the liver in response to HGH
which also signals repair of tissues around the body.So, if you are a patient with Growth Hormone Deficiency you might not be able to
recovery from an injury as well as you should. Once the deficiency is diagnosed and
a program is started a patient can look out for increased healing of some past
injuries. If you have any questions regarding this therapy please don’t hesitate to
book and appointment with MetroMD today.

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