Los Angeles Based Doctor on Nutritional Well Being and The Role it Plays in Health


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At MetroMD we know the importance of nutrition and the effects it has on the human body. Proper nutrition can play a role in everything from a quicker recovery time to a better overall mood. Our doctors and nurses take into account all aspects of a patient’s nutritional intake before diagnosing any disease. Examing potential vitamin deficiencies and any other dietary ailments with a blood test our team can gauge and track improvements in your nutrition. For patients who seek a full comprehensive consult, we would encourage them to get the proper blood work done. Outside of nutritional consulting and program, we offer quick and efficient IV therapy or vitamin injections. This intravenous procedure is good for anyone who has an active lifestyle due to a busy work or home life schedule and does not have time to eat the best diet.  This can be a B-12 shot or B-complex both carry essential vitamins that play a major role in metabolism, energy, and immunity. To learn more about these treatments or to schedule a consultation call or email us at 323-285-5300 or

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