Hollywood Stem Cell Treatments For Athletic Injuries


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Stem Cell treatments are becoming more common among amateur and professional athletes who have been active for a long period of time. As joints, muscles, and ligaments deteriorate from extensive exposure to physical activity many former athletes begin to develop painful symptoms. When Kayvon Webster, a Superbowl 50 Champion and professional NFL cornerback who has played his fair share of football needed treatments for his prior injuries he came to MetroMD. As an experienced player, he has overcome injuries and other physical setbacks in order to get to where he is at. At MetroMD we had a chance to treat Kayvon with Stem Cell injections helping improve his off-season recovery. Working as a long term solution to inflammation, Stem Cell therapy was an obvious choice for the starting defensive back. Learn how this treatment can help with a variety of sports-related pain or injuries. Stem Cells can be injected or adminstered intravenoiusly depending on the cause for treatment. In addition to receiving  Stem Cells, our team of doctors will have a full consultation and evaluation of your diet, health, and lifestyle. Taking into account other factors that may cause inflammation, chronic pain, and any mobility issues. Working with an expansive network that ranges from manual therapists, nutritional experts to chiropractors we can ensure that once the issue is resolved it stays resolved. Learn more about Stem Cell Therapy by calling us at 323-285-5300 or emailing

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