Remove Tattoos with the YAG Laser!

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Do you remember a time where tattoo’s were permanent? Not too long ago this was the case but thanks to technology and the Yag laser over the last decade tattoo removal has become a very common treatment. This treatment uses the advanced Yag laser to remove the scar. The Yag laser can be q-switched or long pulsed.   Only a q-switched laser would be used for tattoo removal, any experienced physician can help you with this question.

The laser can create a scar so in tattoos so we do start off with lower settings to ensure the least amount of blistering and possible scarring.  Treatments are usually two months apart, it will take at least 6-sessions to remove the tattoo. This can sometimes vary depending on the ink and size of the tattoo.

This treatment can be a bit painful so typically some sort of numbing pre-treatment is applied. The cost of this treatment varies based on the size of the tattoo the time it takes also is based on this. For smaller, older tattoos a huge difference might be seen after only 3 sessions.

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